Alpilegno is a company located in the Trento region and a reference point for the sector of wooden doors and windows. The company originated in Val di Ledro, where the constant contact with nature and deep respect for this resource led to a production strategy for the production of the best Italian products in this sector. The company was set up in 1995 thanks to the enterprise genius of its founder and current owner, Loris Cellana. Right from the very start, the company philosophy has been to supply clients with products of only the highest quality. In 2001, the objective of meeting market demands led to the construction of new production facilities in Tiarno di Sopra (Ledro – Trento) combining the tradition of painstaking craftsmanship with state-of-the-art automated production systems. The company specialises in the production of wooden and wooden-aluminium frames (windows, French windows, lift-and-slide doors, flush sliding and folding doors), shutters, balconies, staircases, interior doors and entrance doors.
The wide range of options for personalisation is achieved thanks to the vast stock of woods with a variety of stains and finishes. Wooden doors and windows, featuring traditional excellence, are available in various types designed for all kinds of environment; from classic historical models to modern designs, with thickness ranging from 72 to 104 mm, each with optimal technical thermal and acoustic insulation properties. The wooden-aluminium doors and windows are available in a range of models to meet manifold technical and architectural demands, and stand out for increased protection where conditions are subject to particularly aggressive atmospheric elements. The shutters and balconies are produced in wood and aluminium; interior doors and entrance doors are in solid wood, and staircases are made to measure.
Each product can be personalised thanks to an innovative pantograph unit with 5 axes. Sensitivity to environmental issues and production choices means that these products offer an extremely low environmental impact. For this reason Alpilegno exclusively uses wood from areas subject to planned reforestation, adhesives free of harmful substances, and water-soluble paints, thus combining respect for the land, tradition and people.
Global consultancy, highly qualified personnel and continuous assistance guarantees clients with
home comfort, energy savings and tax relief.